Friday, November 20, 2009

White Collar

On recommendation from a friend, I checked out White Collar, a show about an FBI agent who needs the knowledge of a con artist he put away to solve a case. He gets the con released into his custody and they go around solving cases together.

It's a fairly middle-of-the-road, entertaining cable procedural. I'd put it on par with Psych but not quite as good as Leverage. It's got Tiffany(-Amber) Thiessen as the FBI agent's wife if you're feeling any Saved By the Bell nostalgia. Not shown in the trailer is Natalie Morales who was in the fantastic but short-lived The Middleman, which was a poor choice for ABC Family which is more interested in poorly written teen pregnancy drama. She runs and points guns really well which is a great skill to have when you're playing an FBI agent in a procedural.

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