Monday, November 16, 2009

Twist Collective Winter 2009

The winter issue of the Twist Collective is out and I've been browsing through the patterns. I do think that the best part of the Twist Collective is that it's easy to go back and download a pattern later. The Vine Yoke Cardigan, for instance, is from the Autumn 2009 issue. I do admit that that one didn't take me too long to get through.

My thoughts on the patterns are:
  • Tanit's Jacket by Gudrun Johnston - cute, simple but not really my style or the appropriate shape for me.
  • Skara Brae by Stephanie van der Linden - I think the color is my favorite part but I do like the used of all-over cables that aren't too heavy. Such a tiny gauge for a sweater, though.
  • Mitaines & Moufles by Veronik Avery - Beautiful yet practical.
  • Four Winds by Alasdair Post-Quinn - I'd like to explore more double knitting but I don't think this will be the pattern I try it on. The top makes me think of the seal of Rassilon. My geek knows no bounds.
  • Dryad by Sivia Harding - Slightly different take on a stole construction. I like the use of beads to weigh down the corners.
  • Lesley by Fiona Ellis - I feel like the cables along the bottom are a bit heavy and make it look almost unfinished.
  • Polar Chullo by Mary Ann Stephens - well-designed chullo. Great if you're looking for something with ear flaps and polar bears.
  • Kirigami - Eh. I think it might just be that I know I'd look like crap in it. I do have to wonder how its afterthought shoulder would work.
  • Plaited Tam by Angela Hahn - I do not need more hats. I do not need more hats. I do not need more hats. Yeah, I like this one.
  • Mystere by Cecily Glowik MacDonald - I like the subtle cable. Not sure how I feel about the garter stitch neckline, though.
  • Orvokki by Mari Muinonen - Very cute motif. I'd make the mittens in a heartbeat. Not too certain on the hat, though.
  • Bright star by Cathy Carron - Once again, a piece that doesn't really fit my own taste or shape. Serviceable if you need a cropped sweater to wear with pretty dresses, though.
  • Karazuri by Leila Wice - I've seen cuter bag patterns for free. The description makes it sound like maybe there's something else to it that's not being picked up in the picture, though.
  • Rover by Jennie Eveleigh Lamond - I think I need to find a kid that really likes puppies.
  • Moxie by Kristi Schueler - some very nice colorwork. I wish it had been knit in colors that contrasted more. Definitely a pattern I'm going to have to wait for a bunch of people to post on Ravelry to get a better feel for it.
  • Cambridge Cables by Becky Herrick - I think I like this but I don't think the photographer wants me to like it or there would be better pictures.
  • Frost Tapestry by Robin Melanson - Lovely charts but I think all of the items worn at once would come off as too matchy-matchy.
  • Ormolu by Barbara Gregory - Pretty. I think I'd go a bit batty knitting it and I don't think I'd pick it for myself.
  • Farinelli by Ysolda Teague - I love Ysolda Teague, I really do, but I don't see myself needing lace-patterned opera gloves any time soon.
  • Sarabande by Kristen TenDyke - I want to like it but I think I see bobbles and bobbles make me nervous. They make excellent Dalek bumps, though. Nupps, though, are clever little things.
  • Manderley by Rosemary Hill - Nothing too special and I don't like how much plain stockinette there is. I like my lace more openwork.
  • Kelmscott by Carol Sunday - Pretty Pretty. I think I'd like it better with a slightly more traditional collar.
So those are my initial thoughts. I still kind of wish that each pattern was about a dollar cheaper than what they're selling for but at least you can wait to buy until you're ready to knit.

Something that was totally awesome? Last night's Doctor Who. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. It built some fantastic momentum into the two specials left. Can it be Christmas yet?

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