Friday, January 30, 2009

Zombies Attack!

Someone hacked road signs in Austin, TX, having them read things like "Caution! Zombies Ahead!!!", "Nazi Zombies! Run!!!", and my personal favorite, "Run for Cold Climates". Clearly, we're all safe from zombie attack here in Minnesota. I feel comforted now.

Hacked Construction Signs Warn of Zombie Attack in Austin

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Something

Behold, my first finished object of 2009!

Mom's Hat

It's the same pattern I used to make myself a hat from Drops and I kind of love knitting it. I don't even mind doing the picot hem because I find the results to be utterly darling. This time, I knit it in Patons Kroy and I think the results came out quite nicely. I'm going to wash it and then send it off to my mom. She's excited.

Not much else is new. The job is going well and I'm glad that I decided to renew my lease for another six months. Even if I had found a place in time, I would have had to move in the bitter wind and cold that we have been experiencing in Minnesota.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Didn't Realize I Had Half of This Stuff

I decided to steal a meme from Selana that Pinky also stole.

1. Grab your iPod or other MP3 player and randomize your songs.
2. Type the first line/phrase of the first 20-40 songs that come up (you can skip one if the first line is, say, the actual title of the song).
3. Anyone can try and guess the title of the song by commenting on this note.
4. When the title has been guessed, bold out the lyric and add the name of the person who guessed it.
5. NO cheating by using search engines to find answers.

Some kind of odd things came up so take your best stab at it.

1. She's not a girl that misses much - "Happiness is a Warm Gun by The Beatles (PinkPorcupine)
2. Your pentagram is down below our floor - "Pentagram" by Cake (PinkPorcupine)
3. Sit back, matter of fact, teasing, toying, turning, chatting
4. You've been a juvenile with a dolphin smile
5. Back seat of your family station wagon
6. If you knew what I know, you wouldn't go see her
7. Can't you hear me calling your name, girl? - "Red Rain" by The White Stripes (greenwillow77)
8. Found a way to break away from the one you say that you love
9. Sulking, walking round the city after dark
10. I slipped away, I slipped on a little white lie
11. Wanted: Single f, under 33, must enjoy the sun, must enjoy the sea
12. It's not as if New York City burnt down to the ground when you drove away
13. For the benefit of Mr. Kite, there will be a show tonight on trampoline
14. The rain is here and you, my dear, are still my friend
15. You try to play cool like you just don't care
16. Can't wait forever is all that you said before you stood up
17. Well, I've roamed about this Earth with just a suitcase in my hand - "Love Don't Roam" by Neil Hannon (greenwillow77)
18. A heart that's full up like a landfill
19. Oh comely, I will be with you when you lose your brain
20. Our love is sweeter than strings
21. They led you to this hiding place
22. I hear the bells down in the canyons
23. The colored lights, they brightly shine
24. With a map of the endtimes I can follow a straight line to the old Mary Martin Show
25. All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am
26. Every single night, the same arrangement, I go out and fight the fight - "Going Through the Motions" by The Cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
27. Leaf by leaf and page by page, throw this book away
28. There used to be a lot of things that I didn't know
29. Let's get together and talk about the modern age
30. Honey, honey, up in the trees, fields of flowers deep in his dreams
31. If you'd say goodbye to me tonight there would still be music left to write
32. I saw her again last night and you know that I shouldn't
33. I wish I'd see a field below, I wish I'd here a rooster crow
34. Hey there, Bret, I see you looking down
35. The storm is coming but I don't mind
36. Now somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota there lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon - "Rocky Raccoon" by The Beatles (greenwillow77)
37. The cat calls through the night and two chicks in the parking lot crack wise on the price of fame
38. I've heard of an ox, a professor from Quox, no longer permitted to teach
39. My prayer is to linger with you at the end of the day in a dream that's divine
40. Christmas bells are ringing, Christmas bells are ringing, Christmas bells are ringing out of town, Santa Fe

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish everyone a great start to 2009. I've finally emerged from hiding away at my parents' house after almost two weeks. While there, I managed to knit a pair of socks as a last minute part of my mom's Christmas gift. She did open up a package on Christmas Eve with one finished sock and one ball of yarn but I managed to finish a few days later. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them before I left again.

On Christmas Day, we went to my aunt and uncle's house and had a pretty good time. The Wii has become the great entertainment equalizer at family events and this time Mario Kart was the game of choice. I can only beat members of my immediate family. We have very little video game experience and I think our hand eye coordination could use some work.

This year, my grandma made aprons for all of her grandchildren. This is a picture of all of us except my step-cousin who spends Christmas day with her mom. The one above is of my sister and me.