Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Since I was already out in the beautiful fall day and I had knitwear I hadn't blogged about yet, I decided to take a picture. Ignore my odd facial expression and crap photography skills and focus on the slightly obscured knitwear.

Fun in the Sun

The hat is from last year but the shawlette was done as a test knit this summer. It's Zoe by Emily Kausalik (Rav link). The yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock and while I had my reservations about how scratchy it appeared to be it really does get a little softer as it's handled and after every time it's washed. Plus, the green in it matched my hat.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I had a pot of chicken stock on the stove most of the day. It's now in the refrigerator ready to be soup tomorrow. The reclaimed yarn from Rogue is still being allowed to relax for a bit but I did cast on the Vine Yoke Cardigan in one of the skeins I hadn't broken into yet. All I have is about half a button band so far so it's not a very exciting project yet but I have high hopes.

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