Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vine Yoke Cardigan

Now that my new sweater project has progressed past what was essentially an 85-stitch garter stitch strip, I feel a little better taking a picture.

Vine Yoke Cardigan Right Side

In addition to the button band, I've also finished about three pattern repeats on the right front. There's an i-cord edge that runs along the neck and the yoke shaping is done by short rows. The beauty of the background of this cardigan being in garter stitch is that all of the wrap and turns blend in with no need to pick up the wraps.

The chicken soup has been made, a bowl has been eaten, and the rest has been divided into single portions and split up between my fridge and my freezer. I'm glad I have a little back up because the worst part of getting home when it's dark is that it's a lot more difficult to motivate myself to prepare dinner.

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