Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Size and Scale and Gore

No Vine Yoke Cardigan update today. Imagine yesterday's update with a slightly larger sleeve and that's where I am. Continuing with the eductaion theme of yesterday's post, I have an illustration of the relative sizes of cells compared to larger items as well as things like organelles, viruses and a carbon atom. It's way cooler than I can describe it.

I do have to apologize for another recommendation I made. I've enjoyed much of James Moran's previous work but Girl Number 9 ended up to be a bit like what I imagine the Saw series to be like. I say imagine because I have never wanted to see Saw or any of its numerous sequels. Gareth David-Lloyd acted the heck out of it but it was not a pleasant experience.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that absolutely FAB illustration - passed it on to a couple of teacher friends of mine! And my parents. And my sister. And my husband.

-- EdaMommy