Thursday, April 30, 2009

All the Small Things

I have a new love. It is a BBC choir drama named after a Blink 182 song. No, I am making this up.

The show is called All the Small Things and it's quite addictive. Bryan Dick has a very amusing smirk and extremely pretty hair (he's the red head with the waves). My favorite song so far is this version of "God Only Knows".

For complete and utter crack, though, see this version of "What's My Age Again".

Possibly one of the oddest things to come of this is that it's made me realize that Enema Of The State came out 10 years ago. Whoa.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Just Gotta Finish this Level

I have been knitting but I don't feel like talking about it so instead I'm going to share random stuff from the Internet.

First: Chocolate Sour Cream Cupcake Recipe I haven't tried the recipe yet myself but they sound freaking delicious.

Second: Dalek Dresses

Behold, geekery at it's hottest. The Doctor Who Easter Special gave me my fix, but this gives me a smile to get through the news that the next special isn't until November. The tiny Torchwood S3 will help, too, if they ever set a date. For those of you that get a bit tired of my ranting on about British SciFi, sorry. Although, with there not being a new season this year, now would be a perfect time to catch up. Just saying.

Third: Super-geeky love song from which I totally cribbed the post title (Give it until 1:09 before it really gets going)