Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Oxford Comma" by Vampire Weekend

Both on her blog and in person when she was in person when she spoke in St. Paul this past spring, the Yarn Harlot spoke about her dislike of the serial, or Harvard, comma. Another name for it is the Oxford comma. It's the comma before the word "and" in the sentence, "Those shoes belong to John, Suzie, and Jack." In many cases, the serial comma is unnecessary but it can provide extra clarification. As a former journalism major and current analytical chemist, I'm a fan. Apparently Vampire Weekend agrees with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

Warning: a few uses of the f-word that are not edited out in this video.

I like Vampire Weekend. They suffered a little from too much online hype before their album was released but overall it is a pretty good album. You can definitely hear that Paul Simon's Graceland was a major influence of theirs along with the South African pop that was that album's influence. The band formed at Columbia University and considering the fact that most groups coming out of my own school were a cappella, this would have been a welcome change.

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