Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer

I'll admit that a spinning record isn't the most exciting video out there.

But as far as audio quality for a YouTube video goes, this is pretty damned awesome. This choice was definitely influenced by the appearance of Ms. Summer on American Idol last night but it calls to mind another television show, one from simpler times. A time when you could stay at home on a Friday night, turn the TV to ABC, and bask in the glory of TGIF.

Work it, Mr. Feeny! Cory + Topanga 4eva!!!!!!! (Those exclamation points are for you, Erin).

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Lisa said...

a comment on your comment on my blog: It's amazing how difficult it is when you're in class to come up with good paper ideas, but then you get out and all kinds of things come up... or other people still in school are doing the coolest things and it make you kind secretly wish you were still in school... or maybe that part is just me.