Thursday, May 08, 2008

"It's My Party"/"Judy's Turn to Cry"/"You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore

Today's selection is actually a trilogy. We start off with "It's My Party."

It's totally Lesley's birthday and yet her beau, Johnny, goes off to mack on Judy and then gives her his ring. Not cool, Judy! You totally broke some arbitrary girl code there. It's OK, though because Lesley gets her revenge.

Lesley makes Johnny jealous and all it takes is a display of testosterone-driven violence for him to realize that he still totally digs Lesley. She takes him back because clearly it was all that evil Judy's fault. She does, however, set her own terms this time around.

You go, Lesley!

Weren't the 60s fun?

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Ellen Bloom said...

Lesley Gore is one of my all-time faves! Gotta love those co-dependent love songs!