Saturday, November 01, 2008

More Socks

So, NaBloPoMo, we meet again. Day 1 and I'm already at a loss for what to blog about so you get more sock pictures. Thrilling, yes?

Trekking Hand Art Progress

These are out of some Trekking Hand Art and have a plain 2x1 rib all the way down because I don't think they could handle much of anything else. I even carried the rib out down the heel flap for some reason.

Ribbed Heel Flap

It was pointed out to me that this might not be the most comfortable thing to wear. I guess I'll find out as long as I don't poke my eyes out with a needle from all of the mind-numbing ribbing. Hopefully I will come up with something more exciting to post about for the next 29 days.

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