Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The End of a Marathon

No matter what the outcome of today's elections, we've made it. As I write this entry, the polls are minutes away from closing in Minnesota and I couldn't be happier. Two years of rigorous campaigning and it's all down to watching the returns come in.

I Voted!

My polling place had all of the booths full but there weren't really any lines. I was voter number 1400 which makes me happy. I have no idea what would be considered to be a good turnout in my precinct but it still feels good.

The one thing I was hoping was that I would be able to use a voting machine but it was a Scantron ballot (the only kind I've ever used). Filling in all of the circles for the district court judges running unopposed was tedious but that's a first world problem. I got to vote and that's pretty awesome.

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Liz said...

When Tim and I voted around 5:15 pm we were in the 1100's and according to the election judge there are ~1500 people registered at our polling place. I thought that was a pretty decent turnout.

I opened the champagne and didn't even bother with a glass!