Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mythbusters Geek-Out

I was with my dad on Monday when we started talking about Mythbusters. I told him that Adam Savage (as donttrythis) and Grant Imahara (as grantimahara) both use Twitter and often post set pics. That led to me making this tweet.
I think telling my dad that @grantimahara and @donttrythis sometimes post set pics may have inadvertently got him into Twitter. Whoops.
Of course I knew making this tweet meant that Grant and Adam would probably see it. I didn't expect it to lead to a response from either of them.
Then Adam Savage tweeted this. - #fromset: for your dad @Noneinnyet. All my measuring devices in 1 box! w00t!
Any response at all was cool. That one in particular was great. Forget my dad, I'm impressed by that picture.

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Anonymous said...

^_^ I did some vicarious geeking-out over this post, myself - what fun!

-- EdaMommy