Friday, October 30, 2009

Girl Number 9

James Moran, writer for Torchwood, Doctor Who and some other things, has written and co-directed a new web series called Girl Number 9. Two of its stars are Gareth David-Lloyd, Ianto from Torchwood, and Tracy-Ann Oberman, Yvonne Hartmann, the director of Torchwood One on Doctor Who season two. The first episode is available now and the next five episodes will be released once a day Monday through Friday next week. I haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet but I'm pretty excited about it.

I will say that from everything I've seen about it so far, the warning on the video on the website linked above is true. It's going to be a bit violent and disturbing and not meant for kids or young teenagers. That totally would have made me watch it back when I was 13, I will admit.

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