Friday, March 20, 2009

Insanity, Party of One

Pig count: ~6.5 (I have the seventh body completely finished and stuffed but it has no other body parts other than eyes).

The pigs are on hold, though. I signed up for Sock Madness again this year and this time I won't have a 46-52 hour work week standing in my way. I stayed up a little too late last night and got this far

Day 1 Progress

The heel is quite the interesting construction. It's an afterthought, but left open so you can try it on as you go. I thought that it looked like a ski mask for my heel. We'll see if I find it so charming when it's time to go back and pick up the stitches to finish.

I'll probably end up going out in round 2 or 3 (or maybe even round 1 as a handful of people have actually finished both socks already) but it's kind of cool to see the unique designs that people have come up with.

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