Thursday, September 04, 2008

Test Knit Spectacular

I finished a test knit sock for this lady. The pattern is Water Rescue Socks and I used Knitpicks Essential Multi in Jester and Size 1.5US needles. I had actually finished over half of a sock on 1's when I realized that I really didn't have gauge and that it wasn't going to fit. One trip to the frog pond later, some more knitting, and I have a sock. I'm actually to the heel flap of the second sock and hope to finish it this weekend.

There is a similar effect created to the Jaywalker but there are quite a few differences and things like yarn overs, twisted stitches, and purl bumps create a lot of great textural elements.

Hey, Teach! didn't win a prize at the Olympics but it wasn't perfect, it was in kind of a boring color (I wanted a neutral) and I'm still just happy to have finished it in the specified time period. I'm going to go pick it up tonight before knitting at Starbucks so I'm excited to get it back. I'll see if I can do better for Socktoberfest, which Knit'n from the Heart is doing again this year.

Lastly, for all my fellow sci-fi/Whedon fans out there, check out this picture (flickr link), especially the far right. Awesome, yes?

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