Saturday, September 06, 2008

In Which Emily Learns Things

I made snickerdoodles today. I have also learned that Firefox's built-in dictionary does not include snickerdoodles. Just on Friday, I found out that MS Word doesn't include hemorrhoidal. I think my job might be very odd sometimes.

Besides getting my bake on, I've been watching QI, which is fantastic. It's a British trivia show hosted by Stephen Fry where the questions are extremely difficult so the point is to be "quite interesting" more than being right. There are four pannelists, generally comedians of some sort, and it's great. I've learned many, generally useless, new things. For instance, there is a US Patent for a Santa Clause Detector (a sort of rigged Christmas stocking).

While gaining all of this knowledge, I finished the second test knit sock. This one (on the right) pooled more than the first creating socks that are more than a little bit fraternal. It's still nice to be on a bit of a finishing kick. Unfortunately, I only seem to be able to finish things recently started, not the many UFO's I have left in my wake.


Lisa said...

did this show also ask about the five oceans? My mom watched something she was telling me about with comedians answering difficult questions....

Lisa said...

P.S.- I love snickerdoodles! I guess I can believe the word is not in the dictionary, but you would think a digital dictionary would have it considering somebody out there must have googled it at some point in time.