Monday, January 07, 2008

License Plate Fun

I don't have Crazy Aunt Purl's mad traffic-photography skills (or the LA traffic that allows her the time to take such shots), but I saw this on a WI plate on my way to IKEA on Saturday:


I'm also posting to gush over the impending return of Stewart and Colbert tonight. I'm conditionally excited as I hope that they do OK without their writers. Come on, AMPTP, make them a good deal. Letterman's production company was able to find their demands reasonable, why can't the rest of you?

Edited to Add (ETA): I also hope that Stewart and Colbert have not grown strike beards a la Conan and Letterman. I saw two screencaps of the bearded ones side by side today and all I could think was that it was Santa and his elf.

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