Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here we are, two days into 2010. Resolutions generally go to crap but I'm making one anyways. Going forward, I want to have less clutter in my life. First step is to use up some leftover sock yarn bits and ends.

I cast on 500+ stitches (an odd number) on US 6 needles using a cable cast-on so that I would have an end on each end and not have to guess how long of tail to start with. Then I started with a new piece of yarn and began to knit in linen stitch.

DADA January 2010 - Scarf Up-Close

Linen Stitch (2-row repeat):
Row 1: K1, (s1 purlwise with yarn in front, K1) repeat to end of row
Row 2: K1, (p1, s1 with yarn in back) repeat until two stitches before end of row, p1, k1

To create a fringe, I start each row with a different yarn, leaving a decent-length end and break off the yarn at the end of the row, once again leaving another decent-length end. When I'm done, I plan to either braid or twist the fringe together in groups of 3. Bonus - I have no ends to weave in.

DADA January 2010 - Scarf Fringe

I got a large amount of the knitting done while watching Doctor Who last night. It was fantastic! The end had me crying and laughing. I'll miss David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor dearly but I'm even more excited for Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor now. Then I saw this trailer for season 5. I'll be over here, squeeing in the corner.

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