Sunday, June 15, 2008

Actual Knitting Content

Part of the reason I haven't been posting about my knitting lately is that I got so behind on posting about it. Hurray for the snowball effect. I've made the executive decision that the only way I was going to get around to posting about it again was to post as I went along, ignoring everything I've missed. As I seem to also have a huge problem with finishing lately, I'll still get to all of the projects I haven't talked about on here as I get them done.

Now, on with the knitting.


I finished this sock back in April and was a good ways along it's mate (past gusset decreases, I believe) when I just set it aside. It's Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 and I was a little disappointed but not surprised that the lace pattern I was using got a little chaotic with the yarn. Due to the neglect, three of the four needles were completely or partially pulled out of the sock and instead of trying to pick them all up I unraveled and started over.

Purl-less Monkeys

I don't think that the photo shows it well at all, but these are purl-less Monkeys. This is the third pair of Monkeys I've knit but the first I've left out the purls in the pattern and I have to say that I like these better. Due to my looser gauge when purling, I had ladders like crazy since the purls fall at the beginning and end of each dpn.

These will be going to my sister who was a gracious participant the afternoon I dragged her along to the Yarnery. Especially considering it was that same day that she tried on a sock I had just finished and decided that she liked it and that it fit pretty well (little long as my feet are a size and a half larger than her). And she has commented since that she thought the yarn I bought was really pretty. How could I not give these to her.

My other current project is all mine.

Eye-crossing Lace

It's "A knitted veil in Pyrenees wool" from Victorian Lace Today in Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb which is not merino like I was mistaken when asked without a ball band nearby but rather, as should have been quite apparent from the name, 100% lambswool. It is so soft and lovely and the fact that this pattern is garter stitch means that I'm not purling back every other row as is frequently the case with lace that's not knit in the round.

With the new job and the commute that's almost 20 times as long in distance alone I'll probably have a lot less time for knitting now but when I do knit something I'm going to try and actually blog about it. Tonight, though, it's totally going to be knitting and the Tonys.

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Lisa said...

I missed several days of blog reading and just now see that you have a new job! Congratulations I am so happy for you! I hope it goes well, or is at least better than unemployment (on the other side I have had jobs that were worse than unemployment...) See you Thursday?!