Sunday, April 27, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

I'll be the first to admit that posting has been rather lax on this blog as of late. I've decided that I need a little encouragement so I'm turning to NaBloPoMo next month. The theme for May is "Voices". I think I'm going to take a bit of a twisted approach to this, inspired by songs I heard in my car after work on Thursday and Friday.

I frequently listen to either The Current or KOOL 108, especially since the latter seems to have returned to oldies instead of "Superhits", which I found to a particularly horrible descriptor for "we were oldies but decided to replace most of the 60s with the 80s because people seem to have an obsession with reliving the 80s right now for some reason." Much like most people have finally neglected the leggings (unfortunately "most" does not equal "all" - I'm looking at you, Lohan!), KOOL 108 threw the 80s away like a moldy loaf of bread.

On Thursday, I had spent a horrible afternoon cleaning out a lab at work. Nothing says disgusting more than striping away years of drawer labels and chemical buildup from cabinet fronts and bench tops with razors and methanol. Then I got in my car and the most awesome thing ever came on the radio. Yes, awesome. The 80s revival still has a stronghold on my vocabulary. The Current was playing "Jump Around" by House of Pain. As a child of the 90s, all middle school dances ended with this song. It gave you an excuse to dance in the only way you knew how to other than forming a conga line or doing the Macarena. I opened my sun roof and bobbed my head along like the dorky white girl that I am.

On Friday, I ended up having to go buy a new cell phone as I had managed to loose mine and kept getting emails from my mother asking why my phone kept going straight to voicemail when she called. On my way to Woodbury, the Current had a news story on discussing electronic beeps, how annoying some people find them, and why almost all devices seem to have them these days. As a sort of tongue-in-cheek move, at the end of the story they played "I Hear the Bells" by Mike Doughty. As if the cheery melody isn't enough, this is a song that includes the lyric, "You snooze, you lose/Well I have snost and lost." This song usually grabs my attention no matter what I'm doing. Bonus: The album this is on, Haughty Melodic, was produced by Dan Wilson (of Semisonic fame) and recorded in the studio in his Minneapolis home so it's got local ties, too.

Mainly what I'm planning to do is a lot of music blogging. It will probably always be about some song I hear throughout the day and will probably make me come off as a pretentious music snob with bad taste and a tendency towards the nostalgic. When possible, I will provide links to the songs I'm talking about, most likely to the song's entry. In the case of these two tracks, the full tracks are available but in most cases it will be a 30 second clip. Knit blogging has lost some of it's thrill for me so I'm going to try music blogging for a bit. Feel free to tune out if this isn't your thing. I'll probably still knit blog some during the month. I just need a break and I'd like to treat this a bit like a writing exercise. Yes, I am that big of a dork. You should probably just run away now before I infect you all.

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