Sunday, February 10, 2008

My First Sweater

I've been working away on Rogue and it's going pretty well. The large expanses of stockinette with just the smallest bit of cabling make it a fairly easy knit that still holds my interest.

Start of Rogue Side

My goal for the weekend was to get the top of the kangaroo pocket knit into the body because it was kind of annoying having it hang off of the sweater. I got that far and it's back to really easy knitting until I divide for the front and back and have to do more shaping and start the hood.

Rogue pocket

Overall, I'm liking this sweater and I'm excited to finish it one of these days, weeks, months.

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Lisa said...

Fantastic! Go Go Go! Love the color by the way...excited to see it. I should really get going on that sweater I was going to make for myself too or it'll be spring soon...