Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Crazy Knitting Scientist

I have come up with a possible explanation for why I tend to rip out my knitting a lot. I blame it on being a laboratory scientist, especially my particular job of analytical chemist. While obvious, I'm pretty sure my Analytical Chemistry professor had it right when he said "there's a reason the word anal is part of analytical." This is at least more insightful than one of his colleagues saying that the barrel cortex might be the part of the brain used for stacking barrels.

While I'm by no means a perfectionist in my knitting, a small problem in a project has me ripping it right out and starting over. My job essentially has me doing the same thing. If I mess up, I don't just get to take the same unit and perform the same test again. I have to go get a new unit and start over. Maybe I'm just trying to find creative ways to complain about the idiosyncrasies of my job. Then again, fixing a miscrossed cable or leaving an accidental patch of ribbing in a seed stitch border isn't quite the same as incorrectly testing a drug product. I maybe need to learn to live my mistakes.

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